Beach Vacation
Beach Vacation

You need a vacation even if you’re just getting back from one. Traveling is a tried and trusted way to fend off stagnancy, boredom, dullness, hypertension and all things made of gloom. And is there any better excuse to travel than surfing? We think not. An insatiable appetite for waves not only inks stamps on the thick paper pages of passports, it also engrains lifelong memories in the minds of those curious enough to see what’s around the corner. But which corner, exactly?

That’s why we’re here

We’re assuming that you work hard for your money and aren’t one to just toss it away on something petty. We’re also assuming that you work hard for your money and are, indeed, one to burn it on something worthwhile. And as we just stressed, how fun are surf trips? The most fun. And if you need proof, consider these five sojourns in 2020.


Where wine meets culture meets perfect beachbreak. And, hell, why not mention the cuisine while we’re at it? Everything about France is romantic. A trip here is a legitimately unique experience, mostly because you’ll be just as enthralled with the land diversions as you are with the aquatic endeavours. It’s truly versatile, and you’d rather not miss it. Bali, Indonesia
If you haven’t been to Bali yet, go. If you’ve already been, go back. And why? Because this lovely speck of Indonesian land offers a little bit of everything for a whole lot of everyone. Parties, barrels, air sections, mountains, volcanoes Bali checks all the boxes. It’s quite easy to find a rhythm and begin to feel as if it’s a second home, which is probably why a bunch of people never leave.

South Africa

Do you have any interest in kiteboarding J-Bay and watching a pride of lions hunt that very same day? Hmm, well how about threading your step-up board through a Cape Town tunnel shortly after being face-to-face with a Great White from the (relative) safety of a submerged cage? If yes and yes, you’ll need to go to South Africa. The cost of living there is very cheap; the experiences you’ll gain are paradoxically rich.


The bluest water. The whitest sand. The cheapest rum. And did we mention the plethora of swell during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter months? The Caribbean tends to light up this time of year and you should consider glowing right with it. Choose Puerto Rico for a cheap, safe bet. Choose Barbados for consistent trade swell and the chance at scoring Kelly Slater’s favourite wave, Soup Bowl. And choose somewhere in-between if you’re into the fickle, majestic, why isn’t this a postcard scene.

Western Australia

Open, starry skies by night and waves that closely mimic all that open space by day. West Oz is, for lack of a less alliterated word, wild. It’s not the cheapest trip on this five-spot, but please be assured that your dollars (or rupiah, shekel, yen, rand, etc) will be well-spent. Fear not the sharks and embrace totally the bush.

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В 2001 году я открыл для себя кайтбординг на Гавайях во время виндсерфинга и сразу же совершил свой первый переход. Затем последовали британские титулы, а затем PKRA, где на моем первом соревновании я занял второе место в фристайле, а затем в волнах. В 2008 году я выиграл все этапы мирового турне KPWT Wave Masters и стал чемпионом мира по кайтсерфингу, который я сохранил в 2009 году. Помимо соревновательной стороны спорта. Я также участвовал в дальних поездках кайтбординга, чтобы собрать деньги на благотворительность - я взял кайтборд из Ирландии в Уэльс, а в 2006 году с Канарских островов в Марокко, девять часов безостановочного перехода на 140 миль. Теперь я меньше участвую в соревнованиях и большую часть времени совмещаю кайтбординг с другой моей страстью, йогой, на курсах опыта на Маврикии, Марокко и дома на Лансароте.


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