Bodyboarding vs Surfboarding
Bodyboarding vs Surfboarding

There is a lot of debate between those who are into surfing and those who are into bodyboarding about which one is better. One of the reasons why there is so much debate is because one is more glamorized then the other. Surfing is something you see on TV at times, it is something you have seen on popular television shows. You really do not hear much about bodyboarding. There are also competitions that take place during certain times of the year in places like Hawaii, where surfing is brought to the forefront again. Once again this gives an edge to surfing over bodyboarding.

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Surfing vs Bodyboarding

Which one is better?
Determining which one is better is actually quite difficult and it’s going to be a matter of personal opinion. The reality is that each one has its pros and cons. For instance, if you are someone who is just starting out in the water and you are uncomfortable and nervous about it, then bodyboarding is a good starter for you. Bodyboarding is going to teach you how to ride the waves perfectly so you can get over the intimidation factor the ocean presents. Bodyboarding also is much easier and takes far less time to learn than surfing.

What does this mean?
Someone who has reserves about going in the ocean may feel more comfortable with bodyboarding long-term. Instead of going on to surfing they may decide to keep honing their skills at bodyboarding until they are an expert at that. But if surfing is seen as being the next step, such a person may still be looked down upon by those who are expert surfers. Surfers see themselves as being more skilled, because they have the skills of the bodyboarder in most cases and they also have good surfing skills.

When it comes to surfing, it is said to be better because different variations can be done while taking part in it. You can bend down, stand up, and do all types of other tricks when you are surfing. Bodyboarding does not offer the same advantage. One reason why some people may prefer body boarding over surfing even still is because they may have injuries that prevent them from maneuvering the way they need to on a surfboard. Seeing as how they are not able to ride it the way they need to, bodyboarding affords them the chance to still enjoy the ocean waves even if they are hurt.

Bodyboarding is seen by those who are serious surfers as being something only enjoyed by those who are either less skilled, or simply too afraid to try full-fledged surfing. But is this true? Most of the time those who are serious about bodyboarding genuinely have more fun doing it than surfing. They may be able to do more with bodyboarding than what they would surfing. Also, there is far less chances of falling off with bodyboarding rather than surfing. This offers a sense of assurance with those who do not want to keep falling into the water or may be intimidated by really big waves.

The reality is that bodyboarding and surfing are both two really good sports to be involved in. Each offers the individual a chance to express themselves in different ways, from everything to the clothes they might wear, to the design of bodyboard or surf board they might have. If the body boarders see themselves as outcasts, then this role is to be embraced. Surfers who see themselves as being superior can engage in friendly competition amongst the bodyboarders. Some pretty good rivalries have been created this way.

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