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Beach for Surfboards

Surf Changing Mats – For Changing Out of Wetsuits, Boardshorts or Bikini

The same wetsuit that you cherish and love during your session can quickly turn into your worst enemy on the beach or in the parking lot...

Fitness Advices For Surfers And Kitesurfers

Surfing is one of the most physically intense and demanding sports. It requires physical and mental focus at all times. In order to develop the strength, stamina and balance you need to...
Surf Legends

Legends of Surf

What makes a surfer legendary? Some of our heroes are surf legends because they went first: rode a bigger wave, made a new kind of board, or tried a...
Donald Takayama

Donald Takayama in the Pink Longboard

First, I’ve never been a huge Surftech fan (I always thought the boards were too light), but i can honestly say that the Donald Takayama In the Pink longboard is the best...

How to Transport Surf Equipment

This is an important aspect of surfing, and one that often gets overlooked. Most new surfers don’t realize that 90% of surfboard dings happen while you’re transporting your board to and from...

Wave Height to Body Scale Chart

Surfers speak a different language when talking about the ocean and surf conditions. The surf reports that surfers use to gauge ocean conditions can get confusing to the beginner. So, below is...

Surfboard Bike Rack – The Many Styles

Does anyone else face regular near death experiences while walking to go surf? I feel like I do. While walking the path to go surf, there are few things more terrifying (dogs being the only exception...
Bodyboarding vs Surfboarding

Surfing VS Bodyboarding Which Is Better?

There is a lot of debate between those who are into surfing and those who are into bodyboarding about which one is better. One of the reasons why there is so...

Jeep World Longboard Championships

Early December will see 36 men and 24 women assemble in Wanning, Hainan Island in the South China sea to compete at the now famous Riyue Bay for the Jeep World Longboard...

Surfing + Drone = Dronesurfing

The latest hi-tech toy in the world of imaging is the drone. In essence a radio controlled multi-propped helicopter thing. Now there’s different levels of drone from the top of the...

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