About me

Born in Wales, I reached for the sea, as I recall. I sailed on boats of 16 people, discovered windsurfing and surfing and became interested in the energy of the ocean.

Alfonso Fernandez
Hi, my name is Alfonso Fernandez

I continued to make my dreams come true, participating in the World Windsurfing Championships and surfing for the Welsh team of Europeans.

In 2001, I discovered kiteboarding in Hawaii during windsurfing and immediately made my first transition. British titles followed and then PKRA, where, in my first competition, I secured a 3rd place in freestyle and then in the waves.

In 2008, I won all the stages of the KPWT Wave Masters world tour and became the professional of kitesurfing, what I’m very proud of.

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Kiteboarding is my passion and lifestyle

In addition to the competitive side of sports. I also took part in long-distance kiteboarding trips to raise money for charity – I took a kiteboard from Ireland to Wales, and in 2006 from the Canary Islands to Morocco, a nine-hour non-stop transition of 140 miles.

Now, I compete less and spend most of my time combining kiteboarding with my other passion, yoga, through my Experience courses in Mauritius, Morocco and at home in Lanzarote.